Stephen VITIELLO – mix

Playliste de Stephen Vitiello pour webSYNradio. I’m not sure the common theme of this Mix, save for mining the riches of Ubu for (mostly) historical recordings that have both a musicality as well as a conceptual nature. Fluxus and its influence runs throughout this group. The recording of Charlotte Moorman performing Terry Jennings is something I helped uncover when I was given access to Moorman’s archives many years ago. Jennings was a brilliant composer, of whom there are very few published recordings. Charlotte is known more for her visual performances with Paik and others but I find this to be straight out beautiful. As a sound artist/composer, these are all artists who have influenced my own work. The Terry Fox cats get stuck in my head, the way pop melodies do for others. Christopher Knowles’ few published, frenetic sound pieces do as well. Mieko Shiomi’s marbles make her piano sing while Pauline Oliveros’ voices do something all together different.

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